Cross Border Network and Research Programme (MAX4ESSFUN)

The Cross Border Network and Research Programme is by far the largest subproject of them all. The sub-project aims to increase the number of young researches who can conduct experiments with neutrons and synchrotron rays at the ESS and MAX IV, and to make sure that this increased competence will be put to good use within the faculties, industry and innovation system. The sub-project will provide young researches from Denmark, Norway and Sweden with a unique research environment as well as two senior tutors each.

Cross Border Barriers

As the ESS faciltity is placed in both Sweden and Denmark, and with both sites within commuting distance, there are certain cross border barriers to overcome, especially with regard to citizens from outside the European Economic Area. The sub-project aims to identify and present possible solutions to these barriers.

International Attractiveness

In order to attract new enterprises, investments and top scientist to the region, it must be attracitve. The sub-project International Attractivity will market the research infrastructure in the region and around the ESS and MAX IV resarch facilities.

Welcoming International Talents

Local and national agencies organise ”one-way-in” to government agencies and welcoming of international talents. The sub-project Welcoming International Talents aims to coordinate the efforts of the various organisations, in order to increase the quality of services to welcoming international talents to the region.

Regional Supply Base

Swedish and Danish enterprises will have good opportunities to  benefit from business opportunities deriving from the establishment of the construction of the research facilities in Lund.  The sub-project will analyse products and services needed for the constructions.

Strategic Platform

The Strategic Platform is the overall management of the project. The Strategic Platform aims to facilitate and coordinate the work of the different subprojects and to make sure the results are realised. The project management consists of representatives from the regional governments of Skåne in Sweden and the Capital Region of Denmark.